Then there is the problem of illegal fishing

As we approach World Oceans Day this week, it sobering to reflect on the fact that industrial fishing now occurs in more than 55% of the ocean an area more than four times bigger than all the land used for farming. Then there is the problem of illegal fishing, which can occur in protected areas, in another country waters or on the high seas. Many countries simply don have the capacity to enforce fishery management rules.

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travel backpack anti theft Even more so on lower frequencies such as 1.8, 3.5 and 7.0MHz if you want to work DX (other countries). If an HOA does allow an antenna, it will most likely be restricted to point where communications on those lower frequencies will be limited. That when antennas start spewing RFI causing your neighbors to love you even more.PRB 1 has more to do with TV/Satellite reception as it used as a warning system in a time of need (tornado warnings for example).There is current legislation on a federal level that it focus is to make it so HOA can outright ban ham antennas but it also gives HOA right to severely limit them to the point where one can enjoy their hobby. travel backpack anti theft

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